Get the Skills Employers Want

Research shows that employers are looking for professionals with a T shape — having the depth in your area of interest and the breadth to see and think from different perspectives. Employers say these skills are lacking in today’s workplace, so the BIPS program was designed to develop them. You’ll build on existing knowledge in your field while gaining skills that apply to any workplace and any role.

The T-Shaped Professional

Core Courses
  • design
  • systems
  • understanding
  • contemporary
  • self-
  • global
    & intercultural
Depth of Experience
  • bips capstone project
  • bips
    area of focus
  • skills
    on the job
  • certification credentials

Core Courses

In the BIPS program, you will develop breadth through a hands-on curriculum of core courses such as Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, and Understanding Data. This builds a foundation of transferable skills that you will utilize throughout the program and beyond. Upon graduation, you will be able to:

  • think critically
  • analyze and interpret data
  • use empathy to solve problems
  • collaborate across cultures and organizations
  • adapt to changing environments
  • show leadership potential

Depth of Experience

In addition to the core courses, you’ll choose courses in an area of focus that connects to your goals, the stem of the T. This allows you to build deep knowledge by practicing the skills and processes you learn in the core of the BIPS program. You will do this through the following:

  • selecting an industry focus area
  • exploring electives that support your career goals
  • producing a self-defined capstone project

What Makes BIPS Different?

Learn Relevant, Transferable Skills

As a BIPS student, you will become a T-shaped professional — you’ll develop both depth and breadth through a hands-on curriculum that builds a core foundation of skills today’s employers are looking for and then use this skill set in your professional area of interest. Your professors will use a variety of tools to personalize the online classroom.

Take Interactive, Project-Based Courses

BIPS is intentionally structured to challenge you to think and learn in new ways. By working on real-world projects and case studies, you will learn to think critically, interpret data, and solve problems — skills that you can use in the workplace right away.

Study Online, 7 Weeks at a Time

BIPS was developed with every student’s needs in mind, from the job seeker to the working professional. All BIPS courses are 7 weeks long and offered fully online. You’ll have set due dates for assignments, of course, but there are no set class times. This gives you the flexibility to study when it’s most convenient for you. (Some electives and General Education courses may be offered in the traditional 14-week format.)

Chart a Clear Path to Graduation with a Support Team

Although BIPS is an online degree program, you won’t be doing this alone. You will chart a clear path to graduation, designed just for you based on your career goals, interests, and transfer credits. Aside from serving as an academic advisor, your support team will check in with you throughout the program.