Self-Awareness (IPS 306)

You may be considering changing careers or may be uncertain what career attracts you. Taking this course even may help you get a promotion. Whatever your personal reason(s), a primary goal of this course is to help you know yourself better. The activities will help you learn more about your strengths, your values, and your talents.

Course Goals

  • Develop the knowledge and skills to enhance your personal and academic success, with emphasis on self-awareness, self-management, interdependence, and self-responsibility.
  • Identify meaningful learning opportunities based on purpose, mission, dreams, and vision.
  • Create projects that help you move toward a desired purpose and mission.
  • Engage in coaching techniques that will help you reach your desired purpose and mission.

Required Reading

  • Clark, T., Osterwalder, A., & Pigneur, Y. (2012). Business Model You. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Other BIPS Core Courses

You will develop key skills through the core courses of the BIPS program. These courses build on each other, teaching you how to identify patterns, interpret data, work with others to solve problems, and make informed decisions — skills that will help you in any career.

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