Class of 2020, We Celebrate You!

At UNCG Online, we’re proud to have been a part of your educational journey, and to celebrate this milestone moment with you. You’ve shown tremendous dedication and tenacity in pursuing your dream, faced the challenges of balancing your education with your work and family lives, and emerged stronger and better prepared for where your journey takes you next. As BIPS graduates, you’re a uniquely talented group—agile thinkers, skilled team players, flexible and ready for what’s ahead in this fast-changing world. Take pride in your hard work and success, and celebrate your achievements as you reflect on where your journey will lead you next. We’re excited to see where it takes you, and all your achievements still to come!

BIPS Graduates

Katheryn Olivia Aiken

Karen Jean Albright

Cynthia Desiato Baker

Holly Maree Beaver

Maegan I Bolen

* Magna Cum Laude *

Jacob Bruce Casey

Angely Pierre Chavez

Keona Cunningham

Katelyn Leigh Dunlap

Shekinah Elliott Spears

Lah-Daysha Erica Jemison

Doris P Johnson

Bonnie Lea-Surgeon

Jessica Ayn Leiner

* Magna Cum Laude *

LaNelle Radeeah Lewis

Amy Joy Manzulich

* Summa Cum Laude *

Teri Lynn Miller

Katerine Perez-Batista

Jasmine Michelle Phillips

Candice Rae Quilty

Bradley Cain Schmaling

Angela Bulluck Scipio

Andrea Countessa Tiller

Brooke Montreal Williams

Reanna Leigh Zelenka