Class of 2020, We Celebrate You!

Congratulations, Summer 2020 Graduates!! You’ve arrived at a very special moment in your life’s journey, a time to celebrate you and your outstanding accomplishments. It hasn’t been easy—2020 has posed tremendous, unprecedented challenges on many fronts. COVID-19 and the economic crisis have forced us all to adapt on the fly, changing the way we work and learn and live, pushing us to question the status quo, to take a deeper, more thoughtful look at our assumptions about our world and how we progress in it. And through it all, you’ve pressed ahead on your mission, facing these challenges and embracing them with strength, flexibility, and determination.

Now, it’s time to take a moment to celebrate yourself, and the life-changing achievement of earning your Bachelor’s degree. You’ve shown tremendous dedication and tenacity in pursuing your dream, faced the complexities of balancing your education with your work and family lives, all while navigating the incredible challenges this year has placed on you, your family, and your colleagues. You’ve emerged stronger and better prepared for where your journey takes you next. As BIPS graduates, you’re a deeply talented group—skilled and empathetic problem-solvers, with deep critical thinking skills and big-picture vision. With your experience collaborating across cultures and organizations, analytic talents, and most importantly your demonstrated adaptability in the face of change, you’re uniquely equipped to succeed in our rapidly transforming world, no matter what it throws at you.

At UNCG Online, we’re proud to have been a part of your educational journey, and to celebrate this milestone moment with you. Take pride in your hard work and success, and celebrate your achievements as you reflect on where your journey will lead you next. We’re excited to see where it takes you, and all your achievements still to come!

BIPS Graduates

  • Betty Harris
  • Breahna Tucker
  • Brooke Middleton (Cum Laude)
  • Hannah Burroughs
  • Janie Watts
  • Jessica Spradlin
  • John Mitzak
  • Jonathan Greene
  • Katelyn Coble
  • Kelli Tucker (Magna Cum Laude)
  • Kimberly Bond
  • Natalie Gordon
  • Sekret McLaurin
  • Sydney Shepherd

Alda Griffin

Anna Burchette

Antoinette Zirpoli

* Cum Laude *

Keisha Mitchell

Lorren West

Mindy Warguez

* Summa Cum Laude *

Sana Sheikh

Sarah Key

Trenton Boeggeman