Degree Requirements

To earn the BIPS degree, students must earn a minimum of 120 credit hours (including at least 36 credit hours at the 300 level or above) with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.

  • BIPS Major Courses (33 credit hours)
  • UNCG General Education Core Requirements (36–37 credit hours)
  • UNCG Electives (amount varies)
  • Transfer Credits (optional)

BIPS Major 

Core Courses (18 credit hours):

  • Design Thinking (IPS 301)
  • Systems Thinking (IPS 302)
  • Understanding Data (IPS 303)
  • Contemporary Media Literacies (IPS 304)
  • Global Awareness and Intercultural Competence (IPS 305)
  • Self-Awareness (IPS 306)

Area of Focus (12 credit hours):

Students consult with the BIPS advisor to select an area of focus based on their personal and professional aspirations.

Capstone Course (3 credit hours):

The IPS 410 Capstone gives students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned in the BIPS program by creating an electronic portfolio. Students will integrate skills learned in the six core courses in a self-designed, real-world project. A faculty mentor will schedule weekly online discussions where students give and receive feedback on their projects.

IPS 410 Capstone carries writing and speaking intensive markers. Students will produce a video presentation and write a reflection paper as part of the course.

UNCG General Education Core

Students must complete 36-37 credit hours from the following course categories.

  • Fine Arts (GFA)—3 credit hours required
  • Literature (GLT)—3 credit hours required
  • Philosophical/Religious/Ethical Perspectives (GPR)—3 credit hours required
  • Humanities and Fine Arts (GFA, GLT, or GPR)—3 credit hours required
  • Historical Perspectives (GHP)—3 credit hours required
  • Natural Sciences (GNS)—6–7 credit hours required
  • Mathematics (GMT)—3 credit hours required
  • Reasoning and Discourse (GRD)—6 credit hours required
  • Social and Behavioral Science (GSB)—6 credit hours required

Students must fulfill these Marker Requirements:

    • Two Writing Intensive (WI) courses (including one within the BIPS major)
      • Global Awareness and Intercultural Competence (IPS 305) carries the WI marker.
      • Capstone (IPS 410) carries carries the WI marker.
    • Two Speaking Intensive (SI) courses (including one within the BIPS major)
      • Contemporary Media Literacies (IPS 304) carries the SI marker.
      • Capstone (IPS 410) carries carries the SI marker.
    • Four Global Perspectives (GL or GN) courses (at least one must carry the GN marker)


Students take elective courses as needed to meet the 120 hours required for the Bachelor of Science in Integrated Professional Studies degree. Please refer to the Undergraduate Bulletin for details.

Transfer Credits (optional)

If you have any previous credits and want to estimate how those credits could transfer to BIPS, please visit Spartan Central.

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