Outstanding Value, Reasonable Cost

This table shows online tuition and fee charges per credit hour for the academic year. Tuition for online courses is based on where you live and where you take the courses:

  • In-State: This rate applies if you’re a legal resident of North Carolina.
  • Outside NC*: This rate applies if you’re not a legal resident of North Carolina and receive online education outside NC. (Learn more about the Outside NC tuition rate.)
  • Outside-of-State: This rate applies if you’re not a legal resident of North Carolina and receive online education in NC.

*International students living outside the United States who are enrolled in our online programs pay the Outside NC rate. Any added taxes, including Value Added Tax, are the responsibility of the student. Learn more about the Outside NC tuition rate.

2021-2022 Preliminary Tuition* & Fee Rates
Credits In-State Outside NC Out-of-State
1 $222 $406 $854
3 $666 $1,218 $2,560
6 $1,331 $2,436 $5,120
9 $1,996 $3,654 $7,680
12 $2,661 $4,872 $10,240
15 $3,326 $6,089 $12,800

* Online Tuition and Fees listed are Distance Learning Tuition and Fees and apply to courses that are identified as Distance Learning and are not identified as Main Campus or Main Campus Web delivery.

Online undergraduates also have to pay some associated fees, including orientation, technology, and registration fees, which generally add up to less than $200 per semester. Online students are not required to obtain student health insurance. Additional cost and payment information is available at our Cashiers and Student Accounts Office website (csh.uncg.edu Link will open in new window).


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Financial Aid & Scholarships

Yes, online students are eligible for financial aid and scholarships! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Most student aid comes through the federal government. To apply for it, you must fill out the FAFSA  Link will open in new window (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Most regionally accredited schools require the FAFSA to receive any type of aid — scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study.
  • Your BIPS success team can help answer questions about the application process. Be sure to keep an eye on deadlines, and don’t hesitate to contact us!
  • UNCG’s Financial Aid website is a key source of information about scholarships and other types of financial aid. Visit fia.uncg.edu  Link will open in new window to learn more.