Arts, Entertainment, & Media Area of Focus

If you’re interested in learning about the arts, entertainment, and media, this area of focus will help you develop a foundation in the creative process and innovation. Follow your interests and career goals as you choose from courses in the arts, business and entrepreneurship, communication, and more. Gain new skills as you collaborate to solve industry problems.

Area of Focus Courses

Choose four of the following online courses:

IPS 404

Selected Topics in Arts, Entertainment, & Media Occupations

You may take the four courses in any order you choose; however, we strongly recommend starting with IPS 404.

ART 323 / DCE 323 / THR 323 / VPA 323

The Arts as Human Experience

BLS 346

The Art of Life

CST 341

Communication and Workplace Relationships

DCE 455

Arts and Entrepreneurship: Career Strategies for Artists

GES 301

Urban Geography: Global Patterns

GES 302

Urban Geography: Land Use

GES 304

Introduction to Transportation Analysis

GES 306

World Economic Geography

HHS 275

Entrepreneurial Personal Branding

IPS 405

Selected Topics in Other Occupations

PHI 361

Ethical Issues in Business

PCS 309

Conflict and Culture

PCS 415

Global Peacebuilding

PSC 440

Nonprofit Management and Leadership

Tips for Getting Started

  • The Integrated Professional Studies (IPS) courses are seven weeks long. Most courses outside of IPS are 14 weeks long.
  • The courses above are pre-approved for the Arts, Entertainment, and Media Area of Focus. Other courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please visit the Self-Designed Focus Area page for details.
  • Search the entire UNCG course offerings in UNCG Genie Link will open in new window for course dates and availability.